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Risky, but worth it!

Do you love Egyptian theme-based slots? If yes, then Isis is the right slot machine for you! Go back to the ancient Egypt and dig for the gold you are craving for. But it isn’t that easy! You will have to please the Egyptian Goddess like never before. The game, though enjoyable, comes with a high risk factor.

The graphics are top-notch, and the music complements the theme very well. It is a 5 reels and 25 paylines game, which is all set to give you a unique experience. But it is advised that you look after your budget closely. Beginners do not expect much out of the game! The interface is well suited for all smartphones and tablets, which is as good as the online version.

Egyptian themed slots may be in good number now, but not all of them have the charm of Isis. The beauty in this slot machine remains unbeatable. It has been a popular game online for quite some time now, and with now its availability as a mobile slot, the fan base is only going to increase.

Isis slot big win

Bonus Features

The gameplay of Isis is pretty simple, and the creators have not made the Isis bonus features complicated. They have simply added the risk factor to make it more interesting and serious. The wild symbol is the Isis herself. You can feel the power of the goddess when she substitutes all the symbols, except for the scatter symbol. She also comes with a 2x multiplier!

Hawk is the scatter symbol in this game, and brings Isis free spins to you. Getting 3, 4, or 5 Hawks will fetch you 20, 25 or 30 free spins. Though, do not expect more than 3 scatter symbols at a time, unless you are having an exceptionally good day. But 20 free spins are not a bad deal either!

Isis bonus and free spins are limited but sufficient in their own way. Getting 20 free spins in one go is not at all common, neither is having a 2x multiplier with every occurring wild symbol.

Isis paylines

Closing thoughts

With a big number of Isis free spins, Isis is definitely an attractive slot machine to play on. You do not really feel the absence of fancy and flashy bonus features here. The theme itself is self-sufficient and does not require you to look beyond it. Simply bet spin, and watch what is in your fortune.

High on risk and fun, both, this game is a must try for all. Though beginners might not like the risk factor involved in this game, but the simplicity in its gameplay is like a bonus. Gamblers already know about this game well because of the popularity of its online version.

The goddess is now here to take over the world of mobile slots. So, keep your eyes open and your luck intact. If you can see the 600x worth of credits waiting for you, this game is definitely worth the shot.